Dog Lovers Enthusiastic About ‘MyDogAlerts’ – A New Dog-Centric Website That Offers Latest News In Canine Health, Safety & Training

MyDogAlerts is fast becoming the ‘daily fix’ for dog lovers. It’s a go-to online news source for all things connected to dogs.

There’s already a growing following on our Facebook Page and in our Facebook Group. Here fans interact daily, providing insight into their dog-related needs and interests. This helps provide more targeted topics and solutions.

“Dog lovers are passionate. And treat their pets as children,” says Lydia Lightman of MyDogAlerts. “They’re so vigilant about anything dog. We found a need for current, compassionate information dog families can relate to.”

  • MyDogAlerts gives dogs a voice.
  • People learn to be sensitive to a dog’s needs.
  • People begin to see the world from a dog’s perspective.
  • The site highlights training and health tips, as well as roles dogs play in the community.
  • Knowledge helps dog parents stand up for their dogs.
  • The site encourages people to support anti-neglect and anti-cruelty efforts.

The world is still dominated by a disregard for others and this includes “man’s best friend.” Here’s a place where dogs are the center and their needs are top of mind.

MyDogAlerts empowers people to develop healthy relationships with their dogs. Confident dog owners are better dog parents, and this is what we hope to achieve, says Lydia.”

For more information, visit MyDogAlerts on Facebook  or contact us here.



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